Your Personal Life Diary

Your Personal Life Diary by Brian T. Baulsom M.N.F.S.H. is a one of a kind book that utilizes astrology in a way that frankly astounded me. After extensively studying astrology and psychology Baulsom wanted to gain a greater understanding of how often underrated things like astrology, numerology, tarot, etc. worked. Following years of research he discovered that our lives follow 12 and 30 year cycles. Your Personal Life Diary teaches that a greater understanding of these cycles can help us predict major life changes and events.

I have a strong interest in astrology, but was dubious of Baulsom’s claims. What captured my attention was the fact that Baulsom did far more than spend years studying astrology and more. Baulsom also worked professionally as a financial data analyst and computer programer. The idea of such an analytical mind exploring how astrology affects our lives in a cyclic pattern intrigued me.

Probably realizing that the average person would be skeptical Brian T. Baulsom M.N.F.S.H. provides free information on his website Cycle of Growth. I was able to try Baulsom’s theory for myself and I was very surprised. The website answered a lot of my questions, but it did leave me wondering more about myself and what the future held in store for me. I am going to be purchasing the book so I can learn even more than what his website showed me.

Anyone with even a passing interest in astrology, and everyone who wants to get a better idea of what to expect their future (or who wants to analyze their past) should read Your Personal Life Diary. It is eye opening and makes me want to reacquaint myself with astrology.

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