The Weak and The Damned

The Weak and The Damned by Samuel Lee adds a unique twist to the tried and true zombie apocalypse story. Lately we have only been reviewing full length books, but today we are changing things up by reviewing a short story. Why are we writing a review about The Weak and The Damned? Simple, it is a great story that has zombies, evil people who deserve to be round house kicked by karma, and an unexpected finale.

The Plot

Taking place almost a year after a plague has killed most of humanity (and turned many into the shambling dead) The Weak and The Damned introduces the reader to Captain Lawson, a man who has not only survived but established a nomadic community. The group travels throughout what remains of the United States and settle periodically to scavenge supplies and plan their next move. Since uninfected women are scarce the group has taken to treating the females they find like commodities rather than fellow survivors. Captain Lawson encourages this attitude until a new female survivor is brought to camp. There is something about the woman that Lawson doesn’t like at all, but he is attracted to her and soon finds himself in an ugly situation.

What We Liked

The typical zombie apocalypse makes men start crazy rape cults is a plot line that anyone familiar with the genre will recognize. Yes, that premise should be old by now but we will never get tired of it. We like it not because our mostly female crew approves of women being objectified, but because the idea that anarchy and despair brings out the worst in some people is worth exploring. The characters were also well written and fairly well developed considering the fact that The Weak and The Damned is a short story. Plus, the ending was not even remotely what we expected and that was a welcome change in this genre.

What We Would Change

Again, The Weak and The Damned is a short story and even knowing that before reading we were seriously sad when the book ended abruptly. Less is sometimes more, but this time more would have been amazing. The reader was left with a ton of questions and even though Lee probably intended to go out with a bang it is still maddening. Adding a few more chapters that told more of the supporting characters back stories would have been welcoming.


The Weak and The Damned is a fantastic short read that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Lawson was a character that will stick with you and this book will certainly stay on your mind for a long time. We are eager to read more of Samuel Lee’s books and hope that he adds another installment of The Weak and The Damned sooner rather than later.


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