The Girl With All the Gifts by M R Carey

Let’s be honest. In recent years zombie fiction has come perilously close to turning into a cliche, over stuffed, literary genre. Since graphic novels like The Walking Dead and books like World War Z captured the attention of mainstream audiences other authors have attempted to do the same. As a group of people who frequently have to resurrect our own blog we appreciate the efforts of creative minds who attempt to breathe new life into the world of zombie fiction. The Girl With All the Gifts by M. R. Carey is a book that offers a new perspective on an old premise.

The Plot

The Girl With All the Gifts introduces us to a world that has been brought to its knees by hordes of infected people. The infected, referred to as “Hungries” have been exposed to a fungus that force them to consume protein. The books main characters live on a remote, fully staffed, military base that allows medical staff to observe infected children. Throughout the course of the novel one of the children, Melanie, and a few members of the bases staff realize there is much more to the fungus and Hungries than they initially were led to believe.

The Good

The unique dystopian universe that Carey created made it is easy to become engrossed in the story. I found myself truly caring about the main characters, and was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. Carey was able to build realistic, layered, characters without bogging down the story. The pacing was fantastic and I cannot think of any particular part of the book that I disliked.

The Bad

The only thing about the book that I would call “bad” was that it ended almost too soon. One of the signs of a good book is that readers never want the story to end. I wanted to know what happened to Helen and those in her care. Also, I was curious about the Junkers and about the rest of uninfected humanity.


The Girl With All the Gifts is an excellent book that we highly recommend. Any person who is looking for a twist on the classic zombie dystopian novel will enjoy the story. Also, a movie based on the book will be coming out soon giving you another reason to read the book as soon as possible.


Overall 10


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