The Color Purple Collection

The Color Purple, Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece, tells the story of a black woman living in the rural south. In addition to dealing with issues with race, Walker tackled the previously taboo topics such as incest, spousal rape, and more. The book was a sensation and has been analyzed and studied for years and Alice Walker continued the stories of her memorable characters.

The Temple of My Familiar tells an interwoven story of several African American people living throughout America. The granddaughter of The Color Purple’s beloved Celie is featured in the book as the story of her ancestry is explored. Additionally, new characters with rich histories and backgrounds are introduced as the legacy of their families is explored.

Possessing the Secret of Joy takes the readers back to the Olinka tribe and the beautifully described village first introduced in The Color Purple. The book gives us a better look into the life of Tashi, the wife of Celie’s son, and the reasons she decided to go through with the tribes customary female circumcision. In addition to sharing more information about the childhood of Tashi, the gives a look into her life as a wife in America as she comes to terms with the pain her decision has caused and the way her choices have affected her life.

The three stories are combined into one collection. Even better, currently The Color Purple Collection: The Color Purple, The Temple of My Familiar, and Possessing the Secret of Joy
is available online for an amazing price. This a collection that any fan of Alice Walker, or great literature in general, should own.


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