The Chosen by Edward Lee

After a ridiculously long hiatus we are back with a review on a book from our past. Edward Lee, one of my personal favorites, is a horror author with a twisted imagination that makes reading his books a unique thrill. The first time I read an Edward Lee book I was MUCH younger than I care to admit and the book was borrowed from a friend who got it (without asking I’m sure) from her mother. That book was The Chosen, and almost twenty years later I took the time to reread the book in order to review it for all of you book fanatics who read this blog from time to time.

The Plot

The Chosen by Edward Lee focuses on Vera Abbot, a restaurant manager who is in love with her journalist fiance, happy in her career, and optimistic about her future. Things change when a mysterious man offers her the job of her dreams. Initially Vera is forced to turn down the position because she is satisfied with her life, but when her personal life takes a drastic turn for the worse Vera takes the job of manager at a four star restaurant located in a secluded luxury resort. Accompanied by some of her closest former staff members Vera is initially pleased by the amount of money she is being paid for a seemingly easy job. She soon realizes that nothing is what it seems and her dream quickly deteriorates into a horrifying nightmare that only Lee’s twisted imagination could create.

The Good

I hate to admit it, but what I loved the most about this book were the demon siblings and Lee’s attention to detail when it came to the restaurant industry. Lee’s past in the restaurant world was shown in the attention given to appliance brand names, liquors, and types of food. In fact, in spite of the gross out factors of the story I found myself craving some fine dining after reading certain parts of the book. The demonic siblings gave me a few inappropriate chuckles throughout the book. They spend their time seducing, then terrorizing, various victims throughout the book and I found myself looking forward to their appearances until the very end of the novel.

The Bad

The main character and her boyfriend made my head hurt. They were an odd mix of stupid, naive, and ridiculously lucky that drove me crazy each time the story worked its way back around to their shenanigans. Vera, who had more information than anyone else, had red flags thrown into her face several times and ignored them at every turn. When the book started rushing to its conclusion I found myself hoping for her bloody demise. The ending of what was a wonderful gore fest full of disturbing images had an ending that felt forced and unsatisfying.


The Chosen by Edward Lee is still a great read for horror fans that I certainly recommend. It is a nice introduction to Edward Lee and after rereading one of my first hardcore horror books I am determined to read (and review) other Edward Lee books. Currently I am reading Header and it is just as disturbing as I’d hoped.


Overall 8.5


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