Pregnancy Approach

Fertility and pregnancy are often difficult subjects to discuss with those who have been trying to conceive without success. The book, Pregnancy Approach, takes on the sensitive subject of infertility while offering a step by step method for conceiving in 60 days. Since the book made such a strong claim, going so far as to offer a money back guarantee if you didn’t conceive, I felt obligated to review this book even though I prefer to review fiction for my fellow book fanatics.

The reason I was so determined to read this book and review the methods personally was because I went through my own personal struggle to conceive for almost five years. I can say, without exaggerating, that it was one of the hardest periods of my life. After having one child without any issues my husband and I found ourselves unable to conceive. We didn’t even want to admit there was a problem until over two years went by and we had absolutely no success. Like many couples we went to fertility specialists and fought with our insurance company to get authorization for more invasive procedures.

Finally, when we were ready to give up completely, a new acquaintance of mine suggested using natural holistic methods. I have never been one to embrace all natural medical care, but frankly I was desperate. I conceived within three months of trying her advice and my youngest child is turning one in September.

Why did I share that extremely personal story in the course of writing a review? For starters, the methods included in Pregnancy Approach are almost identical to the ones I used to conceive. The difference was that Lee’s guide explained what I was doing to actually decrease my chances for conceiving throughout my years of difficulty. Also, the methods were overall more efficient and I believe had I found this book I would have conceived within the two month period she guarantees.

The Good

There were several things that I abosultely loved about Pregnancy Approach. The step by step plan complete with illustrations was, in my opinion, the most useful part of this book. After all, the people purchasing this book are hoping to get pregnant so every detail about conceiving are going to be important. Also, it debunks some fertility myths and explains why certain things we women are told can make us fertile are actually making conception difficult.

Pregnancy Approach also discussed some recommendations that doctors usually make that can actually interfere with conceiving. Anyone who has seen multiple doctors about their fertility issues will appreciate reading what Lee has to say. Unfortunately, some doctors have a way of dismissing concerns regarding fertility especially if you are below a certain age. Lastly, I loved the fact that Lee included some advice for male infertility. So many infertility books conveniently overlook the fact that men can contribute to infertility.

The Bad

Again, I usually review fiction and that is because I am usually more critical of nonfiction books particular if their goal is to educate. While I did enjoy reading this book and plan to use the guide as I try to conceive my third child, there were some things that I did not like. First of all, there is only an ebook version of this book available. I like to have the option of physically holding a book so I was disappointed when I realized I could not order a paperback copy of the guide. Secondly, there was a one on one coaching option available that for me wasn’t a necessity. I understand that this option could be helpful to many people, and Lauren Lee has personally dealt with the anxiety that infertility can cause, but for me the option was an unnecessary extra.


Like any type of self-help book or pregnancy guide Pregnancy Approach has its good and bad aspects. It isn’t designed to be a magic one day fix and anyone wanting to succeed has to be committed. However, I believe that anyone who is determined to get pregnant through natural means is going to be able to stick with this method in order to achieve results (aka a beautiful bouncing baby) within two months. I highly recommend reading Pregnancy Approach by Lauren Lee if you, or someone you know, is having difficulties conceiving and want to achieve a natural pregnancy without waiting any longer than you already have.

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