February Book Releases

February is a big month for us book fanatics!  Two of our favorite authors, Peter Clines and Pierce Brown, have released books that we have been eagerly anticipating for the past year or more.  We are finishing them both up now so that we can write full book reviews, but in the meantime we wanted to share our joy and excitement.


Ex-Isle by Peter Clines

Ex-Isle is the fifth book in the Ex-Heroes series and brings us back to the world of ex-humans.  The story picks up after the events of Ex-Purgatory exploring the difficulties that survivors in the Mount are experiencing.  After they discover an island of other survivors things get interesting.  So far the story has a few more plot twists than I expected, and brings back the viewpoint of one of my favorite characters.

Morning Star by Pierce Brown

Taking place months after the events of Golden Son our favorite Red has to deal with the repercussions of the betrayal of those close to him.  We all loved reconnecting with our favorite characters and exploring more of the Red Rising universe.  The end of a series is always bitter sweet, but Pierce Brown is making fans work and sweat for that happily ever after.


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