Fear the Walking Dead is the anticipated spin off of the extremely popular The Walking Dead television series.  On August 23, 2015 AMC will be premiering the six episode first season that will follow the lives of unique characters created by Robert Kirkman.  While The Walking Dead does feature several characters created specifically for the television series, it still follows many of the main story lines introduced in the comics.

Creating an entirely new group of in a different location (Los Angeles) gives fans who read the comic in addition to watching the television show a chance to enjoy a truly unique story.  For once, fans of the comic and the television show will have to anxiously await new developments together.  After showing several teaser trailers and posters AMC released an official trailer at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con.

The new trailer shows that viewers will be able to watch the zombie apocalypse unfold from the very beginning. In The Walking Dead some of the early action is shown through flash backs, but since the story focuses on Rick Grimes who was in a coma during the initial outbreak the main story begins in the aftermath of the destruction. Seeing the chaos unfold from the very beginning in a large city like Las Angeles is bound to be exciting.


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