The Heir: The Selection Book 4 is the latest book by Kiera Cass.  As a fan of the first three books in the Selection series (or at least two of the three) I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Cass was going to continue the saga with a new generation.  The series already includes the prequel and companion novellas The Favorite (The Selection Novella), The Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard (The Selection Novella), and The Queen: A Novella (The selection) but those stories focused on building an already established storyline.  Now fans have an entirely brand new story to enjoy.

Taking place two decades after the events of The One, the new novel The Heir introduces the daughter of America Singer who is preparing to enter a selection of her own.  Rather than a group of young women all desperately trying to make their Prince fall in love, this new book will focus on a group of men who all hope to become the next King.  As an added bonus, this Princess has no desire to emulate her parents and find the man of her dreams or true love.  She would rather not get married at all.

I am looking forward to reading this latest book in the series, but I am a little apprehensive.  While I did enjoy certain aspects of the original Selection trilogy there were a few plots/characters that just made me tired.  I was happy with the conclusion of the series and I am really, truly, hoping that The Heir does not disrupt the happily ever after picture that The One left me with.



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