Armada by Ernest Cline

Armada, the long awaited second book by author Ernest Cline, hit bookstore shelves on July 14, 2015. Even before the book became available to the general public lucky recipients of advance copies were already singing the praises of Cline’s latest novel. However, once the book became available the most common theme among reviewers was that the book isn’t the same as it’s predecessor Ready Player One: A Novel.

After receiving my own copy of Armada: A Novel I quickly began to see what other readers were referring to when stating that Armada is not the same as Ready Player One. I for one do not mind the change so far and am thoroughly enjoying the story. Fans of RPO will recognize Cline’s style in the form of his multiple pop culture references. Ernest Cline loves the 80s and it shows. Since I also love all things 80s, sci fi, and fantasy I adore every reference. In fact, anytime Robotech is mentioned I come close to dropping the book and clapping my hands.

As an added bonus, audiobook fans can look forward to another stellar performance by Wil Wheaton. Following his amazing performance on Ready Player One Wheaton came back to record Armada to the delight of all hardcore fans. Once I have finished the book a full review will be posted, but I can say that any fans on the fence about buying this book should go ahead and grab a copy. Cline once again has created a vibrant young character and captured the spirit of gaming.

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